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What is Chatgpt Extension for Chrome

Powerful Chrome extension offering text rewriting, humanizing, PDF processing, and summarization features.

Optimize your workflow and enhance your interaction with textual content with our multifunctional Chrome extension. This all-in-one tool is designed for professionals, students, and anyone dealing with a large volume of information. With our extension, you can:

Rewrite text: Enhance the uniqueness and quality of your texts with advanced rewriting algorithms.

Humanize content: Add a "human touch" to your texts, making them more natural and appealing to readers.

Work with PDFs: Convert PDF document content into an editable format for further editing or analysis.

Summarize PDF documents: Get concise summaries of lengthy documents, saving your time and focusing on key points.

The extension is intuitive to use and integrates directly into your browser, providing instant access to powerful text processing tools. Improve your productivity and content quality today!


Instruct to our AI and generate paragraphs

Give our AI a few descriptions and we'll automatically create blog articles, product descriptions and more for you within just few second.

Simply create free account to rewrite content for blog posts, landing pages, website content etc.


Provide our AI Rewriter with sentences on what you want to rewrite, and it will start writing for you.


Our powerful AI tools will rewrite content in few seconds, then you can export it to wherever you need.


Rewrite text

Enhancing the uniqueness and quality of your texts can significantly impact your readers' engagement and the overall perception of your content. By leveraging advanced rewriting algorithms, you can breathe new life into existing materials, ensuring that they stand out and resonate more effectively with your audience. These sophisticated technologies go beyond mere word substitution, understanding context and meaning to restructure sentences and ideas creatively and intelligently. As a result, the rewritten content is not only unique but also retains the original intent and tone, making it more relatable and impactful for the reader.

Furthermore, the use of advanced rewriting algorithms can be a game-changer for content creators striving for excellence in their written communications. Whether it's for academic purposes, professional content, or creative writing, these tools help in refining ideas, enhancing clarity, and improving the overall flow of the text. By doing so, they ensure the content is more engaging, coherent, and tailored to the target audience. This technological assistance in rewriting can be invaluable in maintaining high standards of quality and originality, setting your texts apart in a crowded and competitive digital landscape.

Humanize content with TextFlip Extension stands out in the evolving landscape of content creation by offering an innovative solution to a common problem: the need for content that resonates with readers on a human level. This advanced tool is designed to transform generic, impersonal text into engaging, relatable content that captures the warmth and nuances of human communication. By employing sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing techniques, analyzes text for tone, style, and readability, making adjustments to ensure that it reflects the subtleties and complexities of human speech. This approach not only makes the content more appealing to readers but also fosters a stronger connection between the writer and the audience, as if the words were coming directly from a trusted friend or advisor.

Moreover, caters to a wide range of content creators, from bloggers and marketers to authors and corporate communicators, offering them a powerful tool to enhance their work. In an era where the digital landscape is saturated with information, standing out requires not just delivering content, but doing so in a way that truly speaks to and moves the audience. bridges this gap by ensuring that every piece of content it refines is not only informative but also emotionally resonant and genuinely engaging. This human touch goes a long way in building loyalty, encouraging engagement, and ultimately, converting readers into followers or customers, showcasing the undeniable value of adding a personal touch to digital communication.

Summarize PDF documents emerges as a versatile tool for professionals and students alike, revolutionizing the way we interact with PDF documents. It ingeniously addresses a common challenge: the conversion of PDF content into editable formats, facilitating seamless editing or comprehensive analysis. This capability is particularly beneficial as PDFs are widely used for their reliability and compatibility across different platforms, but editing them directly is often not feasible without specialized software. leverages advanced technology to extract text from PDFs, maintaining the original layout and formatting to the greatest extent possible, which significantly reduces the time and effort required for document modifications and preparation for various projects.

Moreover,'s functionality extends beyond simple text extraction, offering users a suite of tools for editing and analysis within a user-friendly interface. Whether it's for academic research, business reports, or legal documentation, the platform's ability to transform static PDF files into dynamic, editable formats unlocks new possibilities for data manipulation and content creation. Users can easily repurpose previously inaccessible information, enriching their work with detailed analysis or tailored content adaptations. This adaptability makes an invaluable asset in any toolkit, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity in managing document-based information.

Summarize PDF documents with offers a revolutionary tool for individuals and professionals swamped with extensive documents and reports. By providing concise summaries of lengthy PDF documents, it saves precious time and allows users to focus on the key points without getting lost in the details. This service is particularly beneficial for those in academia, research, and various industries where sifting through voluminous materials is a daily task. With, users can quickly grasp the essence of a document, making information consumption more efficient and effective.

The underlying technology of leverages advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify and extract the most relevant information from a document. This ensures that the summaries are not only concise but also retain the critical insights and facts, enabling users to make informed decisions or understand complex topics without reading the entire document. Whether it's for study, work, or personal interest,'s summarization tool streamlines the process of dealing with large volumes of text, thus enhancing productivity and knowledge acquisition.

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